Sunday, February 3, 2008

Beckham’s a Star


Whatever is in the stars for David Beckham this year I haven’t a clue. But the sexy footballer has new ink work on his forearm featuring a string of them.

After opening his third football academy, the LA Galaxy midfielder showed the tatt off during a kick about in Brazil. And don’t get me wrong, he looked good doing it. Becks is a cool guy and in great shape but I have to say I think he’s overdoing it on the inking front.

The new work has been done since his charity trip to Sierra Leone ten days ago. But there’s still room on his upper arm for a “Beckham 100” logo if he gets his 100th England cap next week.

Well that’s ok then.

In the meantime, Posh better watch out as I’m not the only one admiring Beck’s bod. Paris Hilton thinks he is the only man on earth who should don tiny swim shorts. She said, “Unless you’re David Beckham, do not wear Speedos.”

Advice many many blokes really ought to heed. Please.


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