Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sept 9. It was an especially quiet Sunday evening. Pasar malams, often a hive of activity, seemed unusually deserted. Everyone appeared to be staying home. Was there something interesting on TV? Apparently so.
By 7.30pm, families were gathered in front of their TV sets. Children and even their parents looked as if they could hardly contain their excitement. For the next two hours, they were tapping their feet and singing along, especially on You Are the Music in Me and What Time Is It. The songs had been playing on the Disney Channel for a couple of months now.
It was the premiere of High School Musical 2, a sequel to last year’s unprecedented phenomenon. High School Musical attracted millions of viewers with its regular telecasts on the Disney Channel, spawned a best-selling franchise and produced a soundtrack that went on to become the best-selling album of 2006. It also won an Emmy for Outstanding Children’s Programme while stars like Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron became household names.
Kids, tweens and adults sing along to the music while the recent ‘My School Rocks’ competition saw schools in Malaysia signing up in droves to participate in the dance contest.
Not bad, eh, for a humble made-for-TV movie?
With its overwhelming popularity with Malaysians, Disney roped in two of the top Malaysian singers Jaclyn Victor and Vince Chong to record a cover of You Are The Music In Me from High School Musical 2.
While the original number brims with youthful vigor, the two artistes’ rendition gave it a more mature vibe.
Victor spoke to the media during a recent press conference.
“I’m thrilled for the opportunity to sing You Are The Music In Me. I’m especially thrilled to sing on the soundtrack of a movie that embodies believing in yourself and following your dreams because these are familiar themes in my life and career,” gushed the first-ever Malaysian Idol.
Chong leapt at the opportunity when he found out that he will be singing with Victor.
“I had so much fun last year being part of the Asian version of Breaking Free from High School Musical. When I found out that I’ll be singing with Jaclyn for High School Musical 2, I just had to be part of it,” he said.
The Akademi Fantasia 2003 winner loves how the show is having a positive influence on the kids.
“The wonderful reception that High School Musical has received is great because it shows that Malaysian kids are not passive. The show instills positive values because it teaches kids confidence and how to express themselves.”
When High School Musical 2 premiered on Sunday in South East Asia, it dominated the youth demographic, becoming the highest-rated telecast ever among kids 6-14 years old in Malaysia. Viewership among Malay kids saw a 35% increase compared to the premiere of the first movie, as the show was made available in both English and Bahasa Malaysia.
Apart from singing the Malaysian version of You Are The Music In Me, Jaclyn and Vince also cut a Bahasa Malaysia version entitled Kau Muzik Di Hatiku that is available on the High School Musical 2 soundtrack.
The album contains songs like What Time Is It, Fabulous and Humuhumunukunukukuapua’a, which are featured on the show and looks set to go platinum in Malaysia.
Catch Victor and Vince’s You Are The Music In Me on the Disney Channel.
High School Musical 2 follow the story of the East High Wildcats who are on their summer break. But there is no break for Sharpay (played by Ashley Tisdale), who again tries her best to break up Troy (Efron) and Gabriella (Hudgens).

luahan hati amy search

Kisah kurangnya lagu-lagu tempatan dimainkan di corong radio di MALAYSIA seolah-olah bagai api dalam sekam. Membara dan membakar tetapi tiada siapa yang cuba memadamkannnya. Penyanyi tempatan pula ramai yang seolah-olah takut untuk bersuara meluahkan rasa tidak puas hati. Tapi berlainan bagi rockers terkenal negara; Amy Search.

Inilah luahan hati Amy Search yang dipetik daripada ruangan Mega, Utusan Malaysia.

“Saya tak faham sikap penyampai radio terutama stesen radio swasta hari ini. Dia orang ni macam berlumba-lumba mempopularkan lagu asing.” Begitu komen Amy Search menyuarakan rasa tidak puas hatinya terhadap layanan stesen-stesen radio swasta kepada lagu-lagu tempatan.

Ini bukan cerita baru. Tapi sudah sekian lama diperkatakan oleh ramai penyanyi-penyanyi kita yang lain. Malah pegawai-pegawai promosi syarikat rakaman tempatan juga lantang menyuarakan isu yang sama sejak lama dulu.

Namun mereka tidak mahu namanya disiarkan. “Takut lagu kena gam,” kata mereka.

Tapi Amy bersikap berani. Katanya, “Kena gam? Biarlah kalau stesen-stesen radio itu mahu gam. Saya tak kisah kerana sebagai rakyat negara ini, saya rasa bertanggungjawab untuk memperkatakan isu ini.”

Menurut Amy, ramai pemuzik dan band-band luar datang ke negara ini diberi layanan istimewa oleh pihak penganjur sedangkan artis tempatan yang datang ke negara mereka, begitu sukar mendapatkan permit persembahan di sana.

“Inilah yang terjadi kepada artis IKON negara yang tidak diberi permit untuk mengadakan persembahan di Indonesia, baru-baru ini. Sebagai pemuzik dan peminat muzik tempatan kita seharusnya memperjuangkan hak dan maruah muzik negara,”.

“Seharusnya penyiaran lagu-lagu luar itu dihadkan jumlahnya supaya tidak ada lagu-lagu artis tempatan dipinggirkan. Ramai artis kita yang berkecil hati dengan stesen radio tempatan kerana lagu mereka tidak disiarkan tetapi lagu-lagu dari seberang berulang kali diputarkan,” katanya.

Tambah Amy, sebagai warganegara sebuah negara berdaulat apatah lagi baru sahaja menyambut ulang tahun ke-50 kemerdekaan, seharusnya jati diri kita sudah semakin kuat dan pemikiran tidak lagi dijajah.

“Tapi kebanyakan deejay radio stesen swasta macam tak faham erti merdeka. Beriya-iya laung merdeka. Tapi lepas tu putar lagu seberang. Macamlah kita ni tak ada lagu sendiri."

“Penganjur konsert pula hanya memberi peluang kepada artis tempatan buat persembahan ketika musim perayaan sahaja. Macam mana artis tempatan nak naik jika peluang untuk mereka ‘tergugat’ di negara sendiri,” kata Amy bersemangat.

Semua itu, kata Amy hanya menambahkan lagi aliran wang ke luar negara.

“Setiap lagu yang dipersembahkan di negara ini, di bayar royalti oleh Badan Perlindungan Hak Cipta Karyawan Muzik (MACP). Tapi kalau dah semua lagu yang dimainkan tu lagu-lagu seberang, semakin banyaklah wang mengalir ke luar negara."

“Artis luar adalah kawan dan bukan untuk dimusuhi, tetapi dalam masa yang sama, kita sebagai rakyat negara ini harus menjaga kepentingan muzik dan artis tempatan terlebih dahulu,” ujar Amy.

hairspray review


Sept 27, 2007
Nikki Blonsky, John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Zac Efron, Amanda Bynes, James Marsden and Queen Latifah
Musical Comedy

TRACY Turnblad (Blonsky) is a fat teenager who is a great dancer. The problem with that of course, is that nobody wants to see fat people dance. Least of all on television. But Tracy has a dream that she just won't let go.

Set in Baltimore, 1962, the story of Tracy's coming of age and fight for acceptance is set against the backdrop of the even more interesting issue of the struggle against segregration by the African-American community.

While Tracy's moves may not please those with conventional tastes, she has the support of her eccentric parents, played by Walken and Travolta in drag. Her best friend Penny Pingleton (Bynes) is also supportive as are her school's black children, whom she meets when she gets sent to detention.

Crucially, Tracy's ambition is also supported by local television stars Corny Collins (Marsden) and Link Larkin (Efron), the cutie whom Tracy is absolutely crazy about.

To the accompaniment of some absolutely fantastic Motown-styled songs, slapstick humour and poignant messages about self-confidence and tolerance for those who dare to be different, Hairspray is one of the most entertaining movies you'll watch this year.
Not to be missed, as it got even this stuffed shirt excited!
Did you know …
This is the second version of the Broadway musical to be shot. The 1988 version of Hairspray was a veritable gathering of pop-stars, be they wannabes or has-beens. Imagine the cast included Sonny Bono, Debbie Harry (of Blondie fame), Ric Ocasek (lead singer of The Cars) and the likes of Vitamin C and Pia Zadora, all of whom put singles in the Billboard Top 40!
Newcomer Blonsky is absolutely wonderful as Tracy Turnblad, holding her own against a string of industry big names including two of the current generation's hottest stars Efron and Bynes
When Walken and Travolta break into dance it's almost inevitable, as the pair are both famed for their silky moves, each having danced in more than 10 movies already. It's also a reunion of sorts for the Pulp Fiction stars.
What's on the soundtrack?
Some of it is predictable 60s soppy pop, but the heated moments of funky soul will get a corpse shaking. Dig it baby.

dipetik dari


Sept 28, 2007
Semenjak dua-menjak kita menjejak ke dalam bulan Ramadhan ini, GUA ada menghadiri beberapa majlis berbuka puasa dan juga satu majlis joget lambak(!).
Sambil-sambil menyaksikan persembahan mereka dan memperhatikan gelagat mereka di luar pentas, yang sempat terserempak tu GUA pun tanya: puasa ok ke, apa plan mereka untuk Hari Raya ini, dan mereka sibuk dengan projek apa sekarang? Satu lagi soalan yang semua dengan lembut hati rela menjawab juga: masa kecik pernah ponteng puasa ke tak? Masa tak kecik? Hahaha – bergurau sahaja! Ikuti …
Bagi pelawak paling popular negara, bagaimana agaknya gelagat mereka bila tibanya bulan puasa? Ha ha, GUA bangga untuk melaporkan bahawa jawapannya adalah “biasa sahaja.” Mereka adalah mereka. Lawak pun tetap lawak juga, tetapi usahlah keterlaluan.

“Kita hormat Ramadhan kerana ia bulan yang mulia,” jawab Azlee, anggota kumpulan lawak termasyhur negara ini, apabila diajukan soalan ponteng puasa ini. “Kita tak perlu tunjuk-tunjuk perangai yang bukan-bukan di khalayak ramai.” Hmm, takdelah tu…
“Biasa lah, kami kecik-kecik dahulu seboleh-bolehnya nak separuh hari, yang lain, hancur. Sepuluh hari pun jadi. Kita belajar,” ujarnya dengan olok-olok kasar yang menjadi trademark lawaknya selama ini.
“Kalau ada masa terluang, kita cuba buat rumah terbuka. Memang tiap-tiap tahun kita akan buat. Tetapi tengoklah macam mana, nampak gaya kali ni tiga-tiga balik kampung masing-masing dan beraya menghabiskan masa dengan keluarga sebanyak mungkin.”
Bagaimana dengan album Senario? Sejak album Senario 3 dahulu, tiada lagi follow-up.
“Oh, takde lah lagi album nampaknya. Filem mungkin akan bertambah lagi tetapi album saya benar-benar tak pasti.”
Melihat kepada persembahan Azlee, bersama rakan-rakan Senario nya Lan Pet Pet dan Wahid di program Joget Hari Raya bersama Fara Fauzana kelmarin, jelas bahawa puasa tidak akan melemahkan semangat Senario untuk terus berlawak dari hati. Satu kumpulan yang lagenda yang diharap akan tetap menghiburkan orang ramai di tanahair ini.
Def Gab C
Apabila ditanya tentang soalan ponteng-ponteng puasa ini, Def Gab C – rockers yang unggul dengan lagu Cinta Sakti, Asyik dan Lara Arjuna – memang tak cover. Bukan apa, searus dengan jiwa rock mereka, sudah tentu jawapannya yang sempoi sahaja.

“Kadang-kadang tu, bila aku rasa nak hisap rokok aku hisap aje,” gelak gitaris dan ketua kumpulan, Jemboo, sambil menceritakan pengalamannya menghadapi Ramadhan Al Mubarak.
“Tak makan pun, cuma sekarang ni bila kita bekerja, berkarya, kehendak merokok itu ada lah.”
“Kalau nak tanya aku pasal masa kecik dulu, aku cakap aje mak aku kalau tak puasa. Sebab kita kecik lagi kan. Takde nak tipu-tipu punya,” tambah Eddie, pemain bass kumpulan itu pula.
“Puasa macam biasa tahun ini untuk Def Gab C,” ujar Jemboo lagi. “Memang kita berehat betul-betul bulan puasa ini, dan yang ada pun inilah, program joget Hari Raya ni.”
Aik? Tak jamming ke untuk berlatih untuk album baru kelak?
“Oh, memang takde. Kita benar-benar berehat. Sejak kemunculan di IKON kelmarin, kami tiada apa-apa projek besar di luar selain di dalam studio.”
Def Gab C, yang juga dianggotai oleh pemain dram Atong dan vokalis Arsheed, bakal mengeluarkan album baru mereka selepas Raya kelak. Album live bertajuk FWD 0207 (Volume 2) akan diriliskan sebagai sambungan kepada album live Rewind (Volume 1). Ia mengandungi lima karya baru beserta tiga lagu cover, iaitu lagu hit Search, Cinta Sepi, Noktah Terakhir (Alleycats) dan juga Pesta Muda Mudi (Saloma).
Tambah Edi, kemunculan mereka di program istimewa Hari Raya TV3 baru-baru ini, Joget Lambak Bersama Fara, merupakan kali pertama mereka membuat persembahan untuk penonton studio bagi menyambut Hari Raya.
“Yelah,” katanya, “rockers kan susah nak diundang untuk program raya.”
Ha ha, sabar sahajalah Def Gab C, dan teruskanlah perjuangan rock nusantara anda!
Datuk Siti Nurhaliza
Bagi Datuk Siti Nurhaliza pula, soal ponteng puasa memang tak menjadi isu. Hmm. Adalah juga kan, waktu kecik-kecik dahulu.
“Eh pernah (ponteng) … cuma kena tangkap tu belum pernah lah,” akui beliau dengan ramah sekali. “Tapi ini dulu ya, masa Siti kecik dulu. Sebenarnya orang tak panggil ‘ponteng’, orang panggil ‘cikelat’.”

Ok … jadi Siti beraya di mana tahun ini? Ada rancangan besar-besaran ke?
“Tahun lepas Siti beraya di kampung Siti di Kuala Lipis kerana tahun lepas Siti dah beraya di Kedah. Insya Allah rancangan Siti tahun ini takdelah besar, sederhana sahaja, tetapi kalau sempat Siti akan beraya di kampung dan juga di Kuala Lumpur bersama suami, kemudian bersama ibubapa saya di Kedah kalau berkesempatan.”
Bukan apa, kerana pada Hari Raya kelima nanti, Datuk Siti bakal membintangi teater muzikal Remy yang dinanti-nantikan.
Apa lah lagi agaknya pengalaman berpuasa penyanyi nombor satu kita ni?
“Hmm, kenangan cuba-cuba berpuasa semasa kecil memang banyak lah. Ini semua semasa kita baru belajar berpuasa. Tetapi sekarang ni alhamdulillah, setiap kali bulan puasa semuanya berjalan dengan lancar.”
Apa projek seterusnya untuk Datuk paling lawa di Malaysia ini? Siti berharap bahawa peminat-peminatnya setia menunggu album barunya yang akan tiba di hujung tahun ini.
Album ini akan membawakan kelainan konsep untuk permaisuri pop ini, kerana ia diterbitkan sebagai sebuah album transrikpsi.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Brit’s Kids Comfort Eachother

Look at this sweet little shot. We have Britney in the front street, looking off into nowhere and her two kids in the back. You will notice that Jayden James is crying and his old brother Sean Preston is actually comforting him by holding is hand! I guess Jayden is scared of all the papparazzi or maybe even of Britney’s crazy driving!


Usher and Tameka are expecting a boy!

“I just want my son to fully be coherent and to be healthy, first and foremost,” Usher was quoted in People on Tuesday. “I’ve found that it is a step-by-step process. You can wish for a million and one things. But I hope that my son has the same energy I had as a child. Hopefully, he won’t be as bad as me. I hope that he’s just a healthy son.”

I remember watching him on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” last month, where he said “If it’s a boy, I’m going to name him Usher. “I’m hoping to name him that. I’ve been playing with a few names. I’m the fourth: Usher Raymond IV. I just want to pass the name on. Maybe I’ll change the middle name.”

“I’m working on my album,” he said via phone interview with MTV News. “It’ll be out, I’m not sure when.


“I’m not doing the Dr. Dre to y’all. I’m not doing the Detox,” he said jokingly while referring to Dr. Dre’s all-too-long-awaited next album. “I’m on my way. I’m actually just about finished. I’ve been working on it all this year amongst all the other things I’ve been doing. It’s been a somewhat tumultuous year for me. But you go through something to get to something. I’m a married man with a baby on the way, you gotta love that. That’s the next major step. A lot of what I plan to offer with this album is kinda standing in this spot. … The king’s back. I ain’t gonna say ‘back,’ I never left.”

Usher has been working with Jermaine Dupri - Janet Jackson’s boyfriend, and the production team of Dre and Vidal.

Green Day - Workin class Hero

Workin class Hero

24s - T.I. (OST Need For Speed - UnderGround)

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24s - T.I. (OST Need For Speed - UnderGround)
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cahaya cinta,astrid


aku ada
aku ada dalam kilauan cahaya
kau kusentuh
kau kurasa dalam hangatnya dunia

walau diri tak pisah
mendekat dan kau rasa
namun ku menjagamu
dengan sluruh hati

bila mata terpejam
dan hati yang merasa
hati kita bicara
tentang keabadian

tiada yang abadi
tiada yang melebihi
kekuatan rasa cinta
walau tak berwujud rupa

maafkan ku tak bisa
wujudkan dalam nyata
dalam angin ku berjalan
dalam sinar ku titipkan
cahayanya cinta

maafkan diriku
dalam cahaya cinta
ku hadir untukmu

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Here's "Bet On It (Mandarin Version)" - Performed by Show Luo (Exclusive Asian Bonus Track)

BET ON IT (original version by Zac Efron - Troy) is one of the soundtrack in High School Musical 2, originally this song is performed by Troy (Zac Efron) in the show.

High School Musical 2 merupakan soundtrack untuk Disney Channel Original Movie. Released on August 13, 2007 di UK, New Zealand, South America and Asia dan pada 14 August, 2007 di US. HSM2 is released in Australia on September 8, 2007

Album HSM2 telah berjaya dijual sebanyak 615,000 copies pada minggu pertama ia di pasarkan - mendapat tempat pertama dalam carta US Billboard 200, dan iTunes Store. Setakat September 2007, jumlah ini merupakan penjualan ke-4 tertinggi bagi tahun ini.

HSM2 Soundtrack juga merupakan soundtrack pertama untuk movie television yang berjaya mendapat tempat di carta Billboard.

Monday, September 24, 2007


As written in NST...

Jaclyn Victor and Vince Chong sing their version of the cover song of a hit Disney movie, and in Bahasa too. STORMING into every child’s heart is the latest hit production of the Disney Channel Original Movie sequel High School Musical 2, with Jaclyn Victor and Vince Chong rendering their version of the cover song You Are the Music in Me in both English and Bahasa Malaysia.

A music video was also made of their performance, which will premiere this Saturday at 7.30pm before the encore telecast of High School Musical 2.

“The video took two days to complete and was shot mostly in Putrajaya near the Wawasan Bridge and at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

“I’m thrilled to be singing the song from the movie about believing in yourself and following your dreams as it echoes how I feel,” said Jaclyn.

“I’m impressed with the talented youths in the movie. It’s not easy to sing, dance and act all at the same time.

“It was something new for me to sing a song from a musical. I hope to do more of the same in future,” she added.

As for Vince, he had been interested in musicals since childhood.

“It’s truly a dream come true for me. When I was young, I would sing Disney classics and write lyrics for school plays but I never I would make a career out of it,” said Vince.

Last year, Vince represented Malaysia by teaming up with Singaporean Alicia Pan and Filipino Nikki Gil to record the song Breaking Free from Disney’s smash hit, High School Musical for the Asian edition of the soundtrack CD.

“The musical is all about being positive and helps kids to be confident about themselves. I’m glad to have the opportunity to be a part of it,” added Vince.

“It is an honour to have Jaclyn and Vince sing both the English and Bahasa Malaysia versions of the song because we believe their talent coupled with their popularity will create a new fan base for the channel,” said vice president and managing director of Walt Disney Television International, LauraWendt.

High School Musical 2 premiered in the United States with record-breaking ratings, attracting over 17 million viewers to become the most-watched cable telecast of all time. Its soundtrack re-wrote chart history with its debut at the top of the US Billboard 200 Album Chart.

Locally, High School Musical 2 took the number one spot in the ratings among six to 14-year-olds when it premiered on the Disney Channel.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Suria FM lamar Zhana kerana kontroversi gambar bogel?

TEKA-TEKI bekas bintang Akademi Fantasia 5 (AF5), Zhana memilih profesion sebagai penyampai radio di sebuah stesen radio swasta terkenal, kini bukan satu rahsia lagi apabila dia secara rasmi sudah pun memulakan tugasnya di Suria FM pada 1 Jun lalu mulai jam 8 hingga 11 malam menerusi segmen Suria 8-11.

Tahniah Zubir ucapkan kepada Zhana kerana selepas menempuh kontroversi pahit yang melanda hidupnya sebaik menyertai AF5 sedikit masa lalu, dia akhirnya mendapat kepercayaan daripada Suria FM untuk menjadi salah seorang daripada anggota keluarga mereka.

Sebelum ini peminat AF digemparkan dengan isu penyebaran gambar aksi panas yang dipercayai dihasilkan melalui teknik pertindihan imej (superimpose) membabitkan bekas peserta AF5, Wan Nurul Zhana Wan Mohd Hamzan atau Zhana, 23, sekali gus dikatakan sebagai punca dia hilang konsentrasi hingga terpaksa menarik diri pada konsert pertama AF5 di Dewan Sivik, Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ).

Zhana dikatakan tertekan selepas mengetahui gambar aksi panas terbabit yang mirip wajahnya tersebar meluas melalui Internet yang cuba untuk memburukkan reputasinya oleh mereka yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

Ekoran peristiwa itu, Zhana terus mendiamkan diri sehinggalah isu itu reda, tambahan pula dia sudah pun menyerahkan perkara berkenaan untuk siasatan pihak polis.

Kini, selepas menjadi warga kerja Suria FM, lain pula cerita yang singgah ke telinga Zubir.

"Alaa... Suria FM ambil si Zhana tu jadi penyampai radio dia orang bukannya sebab budak tu berbakat, tapi namanya dah panas, jadi sebutan di mana-mana gara-gara isu gambar bogelnya. Kalau Zhana tu sekadar bintang AF yang terkeluar pada konsert mingguan, aku rasa Suria FM pun tak berminat ambil dia," kata seseorang bermulut laser.

Zhana yang juga lulusan Diploma Penyiaran dari Malaysian Institute Integrative Media (MIIM) pernah bertugas sebagai penyampai radio di Traxx FM mulai 2004 selama dua tahun. Ketika dihubungi dia memberi komennya.

"Suria FM yang datang offer Zhana. Selepas memikirkan persaingan sengit jika meneruskan karier sebagai penyanyi, lebih baik Zhana menerima tawaran mereka. Lagipun sebelum ini Zhana memang ada pengalaman sebagai penyampai radio.

"Zhana tak fikir Suria FM menawarkan tempat di stesen mereka kerana kontroversi berkenaan atau mengambil kesempatan ke atas apa yang pernah berlaku terhadap diri Zhana. Mereka profesional. Kini, selepas hampir dua minggu Zhana bersiaran, Zhana semakin selesa dan yakin diterima pendengar.

"Pemanggil yang telefon Zhana di konti pun sentiasa memberi sokongan moral dan tak pernah lupa ucap tahniah kepada Zhana sebab dah jadi penyampai radio. Mereka pun tak pernah tanya mengenai isu itu lagi," kata Zhana.

Zubir sempat bertanya kepada Zhana, bagaimana status isu gambarnya itu selepas siasatan polis, Zhana memberitahu, dia sudah tahu siapa yang bertanggungjawab menyebarkan gambar berkenaan di Internet.

"Malaslah nak fikir perkara itu lagi. Tumpuan Zhana ketika ini ialah terhadap kerjaya yang baru bermula," ujarnya.

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Kiss bite Siti Untuk Datuk K

Waduh-waduh, Datuk K pun berbekas kiss bitenya diberi oleh Siti atau adakah terkena gigit semut? Kalau gena gigit semut, letaklah vicks vapourub atau tiger balm cepat-cepat naa.. ;-D. Dikesan semasa majlis harijadi ke-28.

Walau apapun Siti Nurhaliza dan Datuk K sudah sah sebagai suami isteri. Halal-lah nak buat apa-apa. Jangan masyarakat pula mengutuk, tetapi yang sebaiknya startlah practice mamatuk..hahaha..

Zhana - I know who did it!

FORMER Akademi Fantasia 5 hopeful Wan Nurul Zhana, who was shrouded in controversy when nude photos allegedly of her were circulated over the Internet, knows the culprit.

In an exclusive interview with Weekend Mail, the 23-year-old said she was informed of the culprit’s identity by the police.

“I was informed by the police about the matter recently. They called and asked whether I knew this person. I had the shock of my life finding out who the culprit was as we went to the same college,” she said.

“The police asked whether I wanted to pursue the matter, but after a lot of thought, I decided that it was pointless.

“It wouldn’t help me much as the damage has been done. For me, it’s already in the past. What’s more important now is the future,” she said.

Zana, however, refused to divulge details of the culprit, whom she claimed had distributed super-imposed pictures of her in the nude.

“I have nothing to hide as I’m not guilty.

“However, like I said earlier, it’s past and I would rather not dwell on it because what’s more important now is for me to clear my name and look ahead in establishing a career in the entertainment industry.”

And things are looking good for her.

She is working with Suria FM as a radio presenter, going on air every weekday from 8pm to 11pm.

“I received a call from Suria FM programme manager K.C. Ismail in April to inform me that the station’s chief operating officer, Engku Emran Engku Zainal Abidin, wanted to see me as they were interested in having me as a presenter.

“I went to see them and things just snowballed from there,” she said.

Contrary to some reports, this was not her first time as a radio presenter.

Before her short stint with Akademi Fantasia, Zana worked with Traxx FM for two years.

“I’m the type who likes to talk a lot and I feel more comfortable being behind the scene than in the limelight. And I think radio hosting is something that I really enjoy doing,” she said.

When asked why she enrolled in Akademi Fantasia if radio hosting is her true calling, Zana said: “I know I can sing but never once thought I would actually one day try out for it.

“I mean, if I really wanted to become a singer, I would have gone for the earlier auditions. However, because of persistent cajolling from my friends and my curiosity to see what I’m capable of, I decided to give it a go.”

On whether she would pursue a career in singing, Zana replied in the positive provided there’s an offer.

“Yes, I love singing but I’m not going to go out of the way to try to get a record deal.

“If there’s an offer, I would consider it.”

sinopsis movie Impak Maksima

impak maksima trailer 01
Ayie, a college student with a knack for racing, meets and falls for a gorgeous new girl in college (Eva Liyana). His time spent with her is less time spent on illegal races but however, his best friend Amran (Opie Zami) decides to accept a racing challenge from Ray, who sealed the deal with a RM5,000 bet. Amran loses the race and in the commotion, the police manage to detain Ayie. With Ayie’s help, the police plan to take down Ray and his illegal activities with one last heart-pounding race. So hero Ayielah dalam cerita nie..But the movie only use very limited cars. IMPAK MAKSIMA will be out in cinemas this Thursday, 23rd August 2007.

Intan mula jemu watak sampingan

petikan dari Berita harian

Mahu buktikan kehadirannya kerana bakat bukan semata-mata jelita

SERAUT wajah manis milik Intan Ladyana Mohd Yahya membuatkan mata yang memandang tidak akan jemu menikmati keayuan dan kelembutannya. Dia hadir dengan segala pakej yang diinginkan untuk bergelar seorang bintang.

Intan, 25, bertuah kerana kelebihan parasnya memudahkan dirinya pantas menempa kedudukan istimewa di hati pengarah. Tapi jangan cepat membuat tanggapan kerana gadis kelahiran Kuala Lumpur ini lebih selesa dikenali kerana bakat, bukan kejelitaan raut wajahnya yang sedang menjadi bualan.
Tahun lalu, namanya mula bermain di bibir penggiat industri apabila diperkenalkan menerusi filem Tipah Tertipu The Movie. Hanya selepas membintangi Jangan Pandang Belakang, nama Intan laju memacu seterusnya dihujani tawaran baru untuk filem arahan Pierre Andre, I'm Not Single.

Saat nama sedang mekar, Intan meletakkan sasaran untuk terus mengasah bakat dengan mencuba pelbagai watak yang menguji, seterusnya mampu memahatkan dirinya dalam senarai pelakon watak utama.

"Intan akan terus mencuba dan mencuba kerana ketika ini masih terlalu awal untuk Intan meramalkan perjalanan dalam bidang seni. Intan sendiri masih tercari watak yang akan menyerlahkan kekuatan bakat, sekali gus memperkukuhkan lagi nama sebagai artis baru.
"Cuma Intan sangat bersyukur kerana berpeluang menjalani kehidupan dalam bidang yang sangat Intan cintai," kata penggemar teh hijau yang terkenal dengan karakter manjanya ini ketika ditemui pada sesi penggambaran I'm Not Single di Bukit Fraser, Pahang, baru-baru ini.

Daripada filem komedi muzikal dalam Tipah Tertipu, beralih ke genre seram menerusi Jangan Pandang Belakang dan terbaru mencuba pula jalur komedi romantik, Intan menerima lamaran MIG Productions untuk membintangi I�m Not Single kerana kelainan yang cuba dibawakan filem itu.

Sementelahan I'm Not Single adalah percubaan ketiga di layar lebar, Intan berkata, masih banyak yang perlu dicuba untuk membentuk dirinya sebagai pelakon berwibawa.

"Intan ingin mencuba watak berbeza, malah sentiasa mencabar diri untuk melakonkan peranan berlainan kerana lakonan adalah cinta utama," kata pemeran watak Lisa dalam filem ke-25 terbitan MIG itu.

Dua tahun melayari bakat, malah lakonannya juga semakin menyerlah dalam siri drama seperti Trio, Bujal, Puteri dan Jelatang, Intan berterima kasih kepada Jangan Pandang Belakang yang memberi impak besar kepada permulaan karier lakonannya.

Meskipun persembahannya dikritik hebat, pungutan lumayan filem yang berdasarkan skrip oleh Pierre Andre itu membuka mata penggiat industri kehadiran bakat baru bernama Intan Ladyana.

Malah katanya kini, dia sentiasa mencabar diri untuk melangkah lebih jauh dan tidak mahu hanya sekadar bertahan dengan watak sampingan semata-mata.

Katanya, apa yang penting kini adalah yakin dengan kemampuan sendiri dan apabila peluang tiba di depan mata, dia harus membuktikannya.

"Intan boleh menerima kritikan, meskipun pedih Intan tahu pandangan yang dilemparkan itu berniat baik. Pengkritik prihatin dengan apa yang Intan lakukan, justeru Intan perlu berusaha membuktikan Intan boleh berubah dan tidak hanya selesa di takuk lama.

"Cuma setakat ini, Intan belum menerima tawaran watak berat. Begitu juga dengan watak Lisa dalam I'm Single. Peranannya tidak terlalu berat atau menuntut emosi dalaman, namun Intan menerimanya kerana ingin mencari kepuasan mencuba pelbagai watak," katanya.

Tidak menafikan seharian di lokasi ada ketika menuntut ketahanan fizikal yang tinggi, bekas penuntut jurusan Undang-Undang ini percaya selagi ada minat, semua kesukaran itu akan berjaya diatasinya.

Disebabkan itu kata Intan, meskipun diburu kesibukan dan jadual yang padat kerana pada masa sama turut menggalas peranan sebagai duta produk kecantikan Clarins, dia bahagia dengan pilihan yang dibuatnya.
"Intan masih mahu mencuba dan akan terus mencari kerana di sini jiwa Intan menemui kepuasan yang hakiki," katanya yang turut dikenali sebagai pengacara dan pelakon iklan.
INFO: Intan Ladyana
Nama Penuh: Intan Ladyana Mohd Yahya
Tarikh Lahir: 2 Jun 1982
Zodiak: Gemini
Tinggi/Berat: 5�5�/44kg
Hobi: Berenang, menari dan membaca
Profesion: Aktres, hos dan model iklan
Komersial: Nivea Skincare, Follow Me, Jacob�s, Celcom, Sunsilk, Acuvue, Toyota Hilux, Dentyne, Oil Of Olay, Deify Skincare dan Hotlink
Pengacaraan: Hello Minda dan Adventure Race 2006
Drama/Telemovie: Trio, Bujal, Puteri dan Jelatang
Filem: Tipah Tertipu, Jangan Pandang Belakang dan I�m Not Single

Beckhams Color Our World


Here is Victoria and David Beckham is some awful looking colors! I am not sure why they would even walk out of the house! You would think one of them would spot the others fashion flaw and call them on it! Feast your eyes on this puke green, and wine color. Why does Posh’s face look so shiny?! I wonder if she is having face lifts already.

Dafi,bila rindu

DAFI AF5 album

Lindsay Dreams Erotically


A source told US Star magazine: ‘She’s been having erotic dreams about her former lovers, like Calum Best, Wilmer Valderrama, and Jared Leto.’ ‘Her counsellors are trying to get her to understand that she’s substituting one addiction for another.’ The insider added: ‘Besides the obvious dangers of STDs, having indiscriminate sex can lead to emotional heartbreak, and that can lead to drug and alcohol abuse. If she doesn’t come to grips with this, Lindsay is going to find herself back in rehab-sex addiction.’”

I find this hard to believe because counselors should be quiet due to “patient confidentiality”. Unless she is blabbing to her buddies in rehab about her erotic dreams! Maybe she is trying to spread rumors so people will still be talking about her when she gets out.

Hayden Is Back To Work


Here we have a nice shot of Hayden in a blue cheerleading outfit. I gotta say she looks superhot with the wind blowing her skirt and hair!

There are some reports also going around about Hayden threatening to kill a paparazzi on the red carpet. It is odd because isn’t the paparazzi expected to be there? It is one thing if they catch you out at 3am driving down the wrong side of the highway but on the red carpet?!


Carrie Marie Underwood (dilahirkan pada 10 MArch 1983 di Checotah, Oklahoma) merupakan penyanyi country America yang telah menempah nama sebagai seorang artis popular setelah memenangi pertandingan AMERICAN IDOL siri ke 4.

Carrie telah dibesarkan di kawasan perladangan di Checotah dan menamatkan pendidikan di High School Checotah. Kemudiannya dia meneruskan pembelajarannya di peringkat ijazah di Northeastern State University dia mana dia telah mengambil jurusan mass communication dan menjadi ahli Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority.

Carrie juga telah banyak memasuki pertandingan ratu cantik semasa di university dan telah dipilih sebagai Miss NSU pada tahun 2004.

Terimalah lagu dari Carrie Marie Underwood bertajuk SO SMALL, yang telah menduduki tangga ke-17 carta Billboard Top 20 Singles, minggu 09.14-09.20

Friday, September 21, 2007

R.kelly(Trapped In The Closet)

R.Kelly premiered the sequel to his twisted and craftily campy "Trapped in the Closet" video serial with a red-carpet extravaganza in New York on Wednesday night.It's hard for anyone to explain Kelly's ghetto soap opera, which includes a gay pastor, cheating spouses, a convict named 'Twon and a well-endowed midget. In the new episodes — chapters 13 through 22, for those keeping count — he adds an old reverend, ex-con lesbians and a stuttering pimp, played by Kelly himself."I call it an alien," Kelly said of his tour-de-farce. The "alien" first appeared in 2005, when the singer-songwriter premiered "Trapped in the Closet," a five-part song series that kicked off with a man hiding in his paramour's closet as her husband comes in; each song ended with a cliffhanger.Soon afterward, Kelly released a DVD video of the series, adding seven more chapters — and with each chapter, the plot got weirder. But despite — or perhaps because — of its "Jerry Springer"-like appeal, it has become a cult classic.Kelly's upcoming September trial on child pornography charges hasn't dampened anticipation for the next installment of "Trapped": Parts of the new series have been premiering on Independent Film Channel's Web site since Monday; the DVD with the complete series hits stores on Tuesday. The IFC will show them in their entirety in September.

High School Musical 2 - What Time Is It

High School Musical 2 - What Time Is It
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Muaturun, klik jerr tajuk lagu..
High School Musical 2 - What Time Is It
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