Monday, October 1, 2007

JC Chasez Struggling To Land Record Deal


Former ‘N Sync star JC Chasez is struggling to land a record deal, after losing his contract with Jive Records. The singer has recorded a new LP of material and is on the lookout for a new deal, but is still waiting for an offer. Life is not easy coming and going and between that the numerous flings that pull u up and down can be a real teaser. He needs to keep his head down and keeping doing what all those seeking a career in music do, struggle and struggle till the wait is over and big break is yours. Sorry but no sorry because that’s the way things are in this competitive world one day you are the toast of the town and the very next day you are no more a hot property and have no work to do. Anyways this not something to lose heart over if he has tasted success previously then there is a chance that the success can be achieved again. He needs to persevere with his efforts and surely good times will be his again.

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