Saturday, November 24, 2007

Avril Has Something To Say

Buzz Bishop of 95 Crave in Vancouver interviewed Avril this morning. Here are some of her thoughts about British journalists and the Internet :

“Whatever, you’re just talking about the Internet. You want me to clear some stuff up for you? Alright, here’s the deal. Today, you know, we live in a world where like people are extremely negative. The Internet is very negative. There’s a lot of websites and stuff, not naming any in particular. But, I don’t know. People are like obsessed with celebrities and they’re obsessed with them failing and doing bad. Personally, I haven’t failed. I haven’t done anything wrong. I feel like I’ve worked really hard and I’ve accomplished a lot. I know a lot of people are like getting DUIs and freaking showing their crotches in paparazzi pictures and going to jail and doing all this crazy stuff and falling. I personally think I’ve kept myself together pretty good. There’s a lot of negativity and I have a record out right now. It’s unfortunate that anytime there’s ever big news, it’s always negative. And I’ll guarantee you anything you’re reading is false.
Everything you read is like false. Sometimes like people have quotes and say things that I didn’t even say, and that’s what they like to do in the UK. They make up artificial quotes and they put them in the magazines. Like Q magazine had all these false quotes that I didn’t put. And the press over here made a big deal about it. A lot of it just ends up on the Internet. People are looking to attack. It’s really unfortunate.”

Seriously… like… she needs to… like… increase her vocab. Then again, she does spit on the paparazzi, so… like… probably not! Not to mention she called up Perez Hilton practically crying on the phone for him to be nice to her. So obviously she cares about the internet and what people say about her. Oh and here is Avril drunk in the backseat of some car flashing the paparazzi her panties!

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