Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jay-Z Music and Fashion Mogul

American Gangster his 10th album, is expected to top the Billboard Top 200 album chart next week. According to Nielsen Soundscan, American Gangster has done so well it’s now topping Chris Brown’s Exclusive, The Eagles Long Road Out of Eden and Garth Brooks’ latest album Ultimate Hits.


Meanwhile he is sending waves throughout the fashion world with the formation of his new company Scion LLC, a joint venture between Jay-Z and Iconix, the company that purchased Rocawear for $204 million. He just purchased the high-end fashion brand sold in specialty stores and boutiques in the US and UK called Artful Dodger for 15 million.

The clothing brand is named after the 19th Century Artful Dodger , who led a group of young boys in mischief throughout the UK.

He released a statement after the buy out saying: “Artful Dodger is an incredible brand with a lot of room for growth and Scott Langton is a visionary designer,” Jay-Z said. “They represent what’s next and new in fashion and we are glad to have both the brand and Scott as a part of our family. Artful Dodger represents the first of many acquisitions that will begin to shape our joint venture with Iconix.”

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