Friday, November 16, 2007

Seksinya Noryn Aziz

A classically trained singer, a qualified vocal coach, a natural lyricist and songwriter … Noryn has made the R&B/jazz genres her forte with her powerfully weightless voice and blinding, exuberant live persona. Inspired by Ella Fitzgerald, Rachelle Farrelle, Jill Scott, Stevie Wonder and Erykah Badu, here’s a Malaysian-born singer set to reach a glorious closure she’s been seeking, to come of age as an original singer/songwriter after a decade of vocalising standards. Noryn embodies a new breed of modern vocalists in this style, heartfelt and true with their passion for jazz yet equally adept in the contemporary/pop sphere. With an elegant, shining personality and an exotic physical sheen, it has become obvious to Malaysian and regional audiences that she was made for this music. Already a veteran on the international stage in her 20s, and a staple among older artistes and co-billers, it is her warm, age-old voice that draws in a universal acquaintance. The perfect captured moment of this defining element of Noryn’s persona was her memorable slot at the International Java Jazz Fest in Jakarta in March: legends and heavyweights from Patti Austin, Tania Maria and Bob James Quintet to Tower of Power, Incognito and the Brand New Heavies tipped their hats to sing a small mention of praise and recognition for their young fellow performer who seemed to come from out of nowhere. A familiar face at the local Sunrise Jazz Festival for the past six years in a row, Noryn’s versatility and demand traverses styles, status and degrees of exclusivity, meaning she could headline Sunrise - the creme de la creme of annual jazz jams - one night, a Tatler gala shindig the next, motor shows and the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week a week later. If it’s a big night to remember with oodles at stake, Noryn delivers. For the best of them, she’s always been a name to call, and with the release of her debut album wil be a big name in her own terms. The release of Noryn’s first record - a collection obviously engraved on the songwriter’s soul - could see that acquaintance blossom into a sincere, lasting bond between singer and listener. Scheduled to be released in November 2006, “Noryn” will mark her mainstream arrival and set her promising career off to a sparkling 2007. And if there is karmic justice in the vitality of jazz, this album will fulfil her own lifelong love and devotion for the music.
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