Monday, November 5, 2007

Battle of the Alter Egos: Jordan vs. Posh


Don’t worry; it’s been like that for 5 years. Every time she can, not she’s asking to, her talk about Victoria and David only to say bullshit. Victoria is classy and she’s garbage. Victoria never answered back to her because she has business to run. Believe it or not but she made the Beckham name famous. She launch DVB line with rock & republic (success), did two successful books, she has been a major fashion icon for 6 years, she was a spice girl you know, the best girl band from the nineties, she did some music with roca-fella……….What did she do, Jordan ? celebrity in jungle… Seriously, Jordan is an idiot. She’s done less than Posh, which by her own definition, she’s even more pathetic. Something tells me Jordan is simply jealous. Jordan should try and find herself something better to do, Victoria has a fashion house doing well and she has a world tour coming up and the tickets are selling well already, so is that good enough for Jordan to match or she is just good at making silly comments.


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