Monday, November 5, 2007

Victoria Beckham: ‘We Didn’t Come Here To Be Celebrities’


An insurance seminar and a trigonometry class are more interesting than these two Attention wh()res. Firstly, celebrities or not they are right now into the business that every celeb dons after becoming one – the business of denying that you are seeking attention and that’s what you want. Victoria is just trying to do what all other in LA try to do, they want to be famous and have the spotlight right on them and then they want to be seen as generous people who do care if the bulbs are flashed on them or not. Celebes from other place come to LA to be seen, heard X@@##! around, drink then go to rehab… Welcome to LA folks.. And if Victoria thinks she in different and thinks that her urge is taken in the wrong sense then so be it, who cares, this place called LA is made for them to show how much their shit stink and yet they will carry it all over the place with an Armani perfume to let us breath.

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