Monday, November 5, 2007

David Beckham Rushes To Father’s Corner

David Beckham was in a somber mood yesterday as he rushed off from LAX to go visit his ill dad. He had just gotten the word that his 59 year-old Father had had a heart attack. David and his father were not on the best of terms because in 2002 Ted split from wife of 32 years Sandra. Disputes and misunderstandings apart, this is not the time when any son or daughter whose had a break-up or are not on talking terms to remember their old grievances. It is time that all bad things are forgotten and it is time to be besides your parents and look after them. David has done the right thing by leaving for UK and by not wasting any more time in USA. He’s got many contracts I know that but there is nothing more important in your life other than your family.

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