Monday, November 5, 2007

Old School


Victoria Beckham was so desperate to secure spots for her children at an exclusive American school, she promised free gym classes from her soccer star husband David. The sports star admits his wife went to great lengths to get sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz placements as a posh Los Angeles elementary school. It’s great she and her husband want the best for their children, like any other parent. But what kind of posh school is that, but its Hollywood, those folks love the kissing up, no matter how much money you’ve got. But the more the posh school snubs her; it appears the more she goes after them. Well, Mrs. Beckham , you’re not use to receiving that kind of treatment, maybe you’re finally get a bad taste what you dishes out. Bona appetite Victoria. We cannot blame her too much either, getting your kids to the best school is something that every parent wants and desires, so if she too wishes the same then its natural and she cares for her kids and wants them to have a bright future.

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